You'd have to take a lot of products to equal just one GreekGirl Beauty Protein shake.

These women have been enjoying the benefits - Read what they think about this simple one-shake way to get all of the benefits of the products above.

When we first developed GreekGirl Beauty Protein, we asked several women to try it for 30 days, and tell us their stories. We asked them to keep a journal, and check in with us periodically to see how it was working. We were so happy to hear how many it helped.

Victoria Babu

Name: Victoria Babu
Age: 57
Favorite Recipe: Chocolate Almond Milk & Honey Vanilla
How I GreekGirl: My fave is a half frozen banana with a half cup of frozen mixed berries. All I add is 8 oz cold water & some ice. Tasty!

Domenica Dolan

Name: Domenica Dolan
Age: 27
Favorite Recipe: Raspberry Cocoa Almond Blend
How I GreekGirl: Oh my heaven. I needed a late evening sweet fix. I just put 5-6 raspberries, a teaspoon of cocoa powder and half cup so or more of almond milk in with my water mix and GGBP and boom. This was a great last minute idea on my part tonight! 

Arlene Browne

Name: Arlene Browne
Age: 45
Favorite Recipe: GreekGirl Coffe
How I GreekGirl: Half coffee + half Almond Milk + GreekGirl = good morning to me!

Name: Carol Kamburis
Age: 44
Favorite Recipe: Chocolate Almond Milk & Honey Vanilla
How I GreekGirl: Mix GreekGirl with my favorite coconut water. Very hydrating and tasty!

Name: Helen Demmas
Age: 74
Favorite Recipe: GreekGirl Yogurt Snack
How I GreekGirl: I mixed GreekGirl into my yogurt and added my homemade cranberry and granola mixture-delicious!!