Read what these women say about the amazing benefits they receive from GreekGirl Beauty Protein

We've been receiving touching stories about people who have compromising health conditions and diseases that dramatically impact their overall health. As a result of either the disease or the aggressive medications used for treatment, significant damage was caused to their hair and skin. These are their personal stories and results after they started taking GreekGirl.

Maggie B
St. Louis

Ms Greek Girl...just wanted to tell you that I LOVE your beauty tastes GREAT, mixes easy, can add anything to it or drink it just like it is, keeps me full and contains everything I looked for. THANK YOU! have tried many protein powders, must say, I am so so happy I stumbled on to yours. I thought it a bit pricey in the beginning ( first can) but thought, " what the heck" give it a try. Well, I am hooked.  from a very happy client...


"Thank you! She is back on GreekGirl and has less than 40 days of chemo and then on maintenance. Her hair is growing like a weed! It's long enough so that she can get extensions on March 4. I can't wait to share it with both hair stylists that day. I'm a believer, and Elizabeth is going to continue to take it so her extensions can grow faster. Elizabeth said her nails are stronger when she drinks GreekGirl as well. There were a lot of times during chemo at the beginning that her nails got super weak. Plus it really adds a lot of flavor to the energy shakes she takes, and they are so much better tasting. I also think her skin looks amazing."  - Elizabeth's Mom

"I have it most days in a protein shake, I love how it tastes. I had chemo again today and the nurse commented on how thick my hair looked; she couldn't believe it. If it keeps growing like this, I will be able to get extensions sooner. Thank you for this wonderful product!" - Elizabeth

"Elizabeth got her hair to grow an inch so she could get extensions from one of two places in the world that are certified for hair extensions after chemo for as little as one inch of hair."  -Elizabeth's Mom


"Caiya is five years old. When she was three we noticed her hair was not growing in the back of her scalp. She had been on many medications for various illnesses like bronchitis and eczema, and we were to bathe her in oatmeal and tar for the eczema. We also noticed hair loss in the back of her head and breakage of hair and took her to a skin and hair specialist who diagnosed traction alopecia.
I was so worried about her appearance so Granny went on a mission to find products that could help hair growth. We experimented with numerous products to no avail. I had been preparing my own protein shake with Vanilla GreekGirl and decided to add GreekGirl to Caiya’s fruit smoothie. At the time Caiya tried GreekGirl, her hair on the back of her scalp was less than 1 inch long. I continued to give her GreekGirl in the morning in her smoothies and there was a noticeable improvement within approximately 30 days. We were even able to pinch enough hair to braid. Today she has three-inch braids and seems to be doing fine. She loves the taste of the Vanilla GreekGirl in a fruit smoothie and her skin is smooth and looks beautiful." - Caiya's Mom


"I noticed a bald spot in the front of my hair about six months ago. I had recently been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, and hair loss can be a side effect. I went to dermatologist who gave me a topical steroid cream, but after six weeks there was no improvement. For more than six months I had a bald spot like a baby's butt!
After two weeks of taking GreekGirl every day there is hair growth! Short dark hair has started filling in my hairline. I was in my car and noticed in the mirror and was shocked!
Can't wait to see the progress in four and six weeks!"

More Testimonials


"As you know I cut off seven inches of my hair to purposely get my hair back to normal, but it didn't work. I started using your protein and my hair stylist couldn't believe it. I've tried vitamins, certain foods, cutting it, using growth/thickness shampoo and nothing worked before GreekGirl!"


"I have been using GreekGirl Beauty four times a week since November 2016. Before using GreekGirl my hair was brittle, thin, and short, and it really would not grow. It is now March and when I went to my hairdresser this month, she asked me what I have been using on my hair. She told me my hair has never been fuller, longer and healthier looking–she was amazed! I told her I owe it all to GreekGirl. I am so thankful I found this product. Thank you, GreekGirl. I have had trouble with my hair for years - I have found my solution!"

When we first developed GreekGirl Beauty Protein, we asked several women to try it for 30 days, and tell us their stories. We asked them to keep a journal, and check in with us periodically to see how it was working. We were so happy to hear how many it helped!

Name: Victoria
Age: 57
Favorite Recipe: Chocolate Almond Milk & Honey Vanilla
How I GreekGirl: My fave is a half frozen banana with a half cup of frozen mixed berries. All I add is 8 oz cold water & some ice. Tasty!

Name: Domenica
Age: 27
Favorite Recipe: Raspberry Cocoa Almond Blend
How I GreekGirl: Oh my heaven. I needed a late evening sweet fix. I just put 5-6 raspberries, a teaspoon of cocoa powder and half cup so or more of almond milk in with my water mix and GGBP and boom. This was a great last minute idea on my part tonight! 

Name: Arlene
Age: 45
Favorite Recipe: GreekGirl Coffee
How I GreekGirl: Half coffee + half Almond Milk + GreekGirl = good morning to me!

Name: Carol
Age: 44
Favorite Recipe: Chocolate Almond Milk & Honey Vanilla
How I GreekGirl: Mix GreekGirl with my favorite coconut water. Very hydrating and tasty!

Name: Helen
Age: 74
Favorite Recipe: GreekGirl Yogurt Snack
How I GreekGirl: I mixed GreekGirl into my yogurt and added my homemade cranberry and granola mixture-delicious!!