Kathryn has been in the spotlight for some time in the world of health and beauty. Here are some of the highlights and recent news on the GreekGirl founder. For more info visit shapeupmom.com.


Kathryn Sansone has worked with a number of products to connect women and moms to their brand through her trusted opinion of how products help her and her family of 12. Whether it’s about laundry, sporting equipment, an organizational tool, female-focused, cooking assistant or a new product just hitting the market, Kathryn represents some of the best.

From public relations, social media driven, promotional, on-site presence or advertising campaigns, Kathryn provides real stories and experiences relevant to your audience about your product.

Woman First, family always by Kathryn Sansone

Kathryn's Book - Woman First, family always

A must-have for mothers, this book is filled with friendly, trustworthy, humorous and heartwarming advice about the importance of taking care of themselves—first and foremost—in order to sustain the ongoing giving to their families. This is Sansone’s unique “Woman First” philosophy. Buy it on Amazon.

Oprah Joins the  Sansone Family, an excerpt from her "top interviews" book.

Kathryn was on the Oprah show, was the feature interview in O Magazine and her family was featured in Oprah's Top Interviews Book. This is from a spread in the book.

Article from fitpregnancy.com

On fitpregnancy.com, Kathryn talked about what motivates her to stay in shape, no matter what the circumstances.

Article from In Touch Magazine, about being a mother of ten.

Kathryn's article from In Touch Weekly about balancing life, motherhood and fitness. She made GreekGirl Beauty Protein so anyone could easily "take care of yourself".

From "Women Who Inspire" by interviewer Erin Williams.

Erin Williams interviews Kathryn about being a fitness expert while juggling life, family and a career.