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Kathryn Sansone in GazellSTL's Top 50 Women in St. Louis

In recognition of March as Women’s History Month Gazelle STL curated a diverse list of extraordinary women who show tremendous courage in their daily lives to overcome adversity and make their mark. 

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Gazelle's except for Kathryn: 


Author/Fitness Expert/Creator of GreekGirl Beauty Protein

Kathryn Demas Sansone is a fit, active mother of 10, established author

and a positively motivating force for women to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Best known for being celebrated by Oprah Winfrey as an “unforgettable

mom,” Sansone has changed women’s lives by helping them create

healthier, balanced lifestyles. Her latest endeavor is GreekGirl Beauty

Protein, a post-workout all-natural Greek yogurt and protein powder.