Mom of 10 promotes fitness and beauty in one scoop a day

From our friends at the St. Louis Post Dispatch:

Kathryn tells her story on why she created GreekGirl Beauty Protein. When your read this you'll discover how simple it is to feel and look better, and why there was a void in the market for women everywhere in this category.

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An excerpt:

Everyone’s busy • Sansone downplayed the 10 kids when she talked about being busy. “I mean, everyone’s busy,” she said, noting that even people with no children can have hectic, time-depleting schedules. “That’s why I wanted to create an all-in-one formula for people to take in the morning or whenever they have time … not five or six different things … one.” And now you’ve got all the serious nutritional elements you need for the day in 50 calories.