Staying Motivated With Your Friends in the New Year

We’ve all heard it…we’ve all said it, “New Year, New Me!” …But after a few weeks of healthful eating and hitting the treadmill, it can be hard to keep the momentum going when life happens. 

New Year’s Resolutions are a great way to set goals for our health… but it’s hard to keep up with lofty goals alone. Organizing a group of friends to encourage one another throughout the year is a great way to stay on track! Here are a few ideas to keep you and your friends feelin’ the burn this year – and focusing on fun, too!

  1. Organize a weekly workout. Whether you love to spin, hike, or swim laps, having a set date every week that you can count on is a way to keep exercising as a regular part of your schedule. Check with your local fitness center or Y for a calendar of classes you and your girls will love! Bonus: this is a built in time for some fun with your friends!
  2. Start a group chat, hangout, or text message. Decide what would be the best way to stay in touch with your friends throughout the week. If the constant clatter of notifications on your phone may be bothersome, look into creating a private group on social media to act as an online journal! 
  3. Try new recipes together! Pick a healthy cookbook and tackle each recipe together. Divide out your favorites and decide which are for keeps and which just won’t work. Swapping stories (and leftovers!) is a fun way to inspire one another to eat right. 
  4. Set a Date. Choose a date during the middle and end of the year to celebrate your accomplishments. Dividing your goals into smaller segments also helps them feel more attainable.
  5. Reward each other! Encouragement from friends is an excellent motivator. Know a friend who has been hitting the gym a little extra this month? Take note and surprise her with a gift certificate for a massage, or something small like a bottle of her favorite nail polish in a new shade! 

Everything’s better with a friend. Enjoy hitting your goals together by encouraging one another to keep moving forward! What are some tips you and your friends share to inspire one another? We’d love to hear them!