Sprucing up after the holidays


The stockings have gone from being hung by the chimney with care to being flung to each corner of the living room. Remnants of your favorite holiday dishes still remain in the refrigerator, and the last of the of the guest room bedding is still in the hamper in the laundry room. We’re all in the same boat – post-holiday aftermath. 

It’s time to clear your mind and home of the holiday clutter and look forward to a happy New Year! Here’s a great place to start as you look to get back on track:

The Refrigerator

Rid the refrigerator of all holiday leftovers. Of course, do not let anything delicious or nutritious go to waste – but it’s time to start fresh and make room for healthful groceries. Consider creating meals for the next few nights with leftovers to ensure you’re using up what’s left of the celebration. (Think shredded turkey over a salad, or ham and bean soup!) Check expiration dates and remove anything that’s expired today! Once you’ve cleaned out the expired extras, give the interior and exterior of your ice box a wipe down with your favorite household cleaner.  

The Laundry Room

Have you been housing guests for the holidays? It’s time to wash the linens and organize your laundry room. Now’s the perfect time to give your coat closet a once-over, too! Launder or dry-clean any of your winter coats to prepare them for the cool temps to come. 

The Living Room

The hub of the household. Pack the seasonal décor away, and dust accordingly before returning your year-round items to where they belong. Freshening up the living room before tackling any household chore gives you a place to rest and relax between other projects…and after the holidays, we all need a little relaxation!

What’s on your to-do list in the New Year? We’d love to hear! Let us know in the comments how you plan to take on the task of organizing your household after the holidays.