3 Chilly Weather Workout Ideas

As the chilly weather turns to downright frigid, many of us are left staring at our sneakers wondering what we can do to get out and stretch our legs. Fear not, fitness friends! There are plenty of ways to stay active this winter. Here are three of our favorites:

1. Visit the indoor community pool. If you’re lucky enough to live in a community with an indoor pool (think YMCA or your local fitness center) now’s the perfect time to take advantage and sign up for a visit! Many community pools offer fitness classes, but if you’re not into the whole group class idea, swim laps! One of the great things about swimming as exercise is that you don’t need a ton of specialized gear. Grab a swimsuit that’s designed for a range of movement and a pair of goggles and you’re set! Additionally, consider investing in a rubber cap to protect your hair from potential damage. (There’s nothing worse than untangling a chlorinated head of hair after the pool, right?) 

2. Try a new class! Pick something new from the menu and give it a spin! Spin class, kickboxing, and yoga are all available as indoor class options at many of your favorite gyms. Enjoy the exercise you’d get on a cycling trip in the warmth of a fitness studio. Bonus: there’s almost always a great playlist to accompany your classes! 

3. Check out your favorite fitness video / vlog. If it’s a little too cold outside, and your living space can accommodate, try a fitness video! There’s a wide range of videos available online for free that walk you through a workout for as long or short as you’d like. There’s nothing like the convenience of getting your workout in, in your living room!