Make #NationalDonutDay Delicious and Nutritious at the Same Time!

Check out these "GreekGirl Protein Donuts." The perfect healthy snack to kickoff your weekend and celebrate National Donut Day!

1 cup GreekGirl beauty protein powder
1/3 cup of baking stevia
2 tbsp. coconut flower
1 tbsp. almond flour
1/2 tsp. baking powder
3 egg whites
1 1/2 tsp. vanilla extra
1/2 cup GreekGirl beauty protein powder
3-4 tbsp. filtered water
1 tbsp. coconut butter (or oil)
1 tsp. vanilla extract
1 tsp. Truvia //
Recipe by: No Excuse Nutrition

Kathryn Back on Show-Me St. Louis

On May 8th Kathryn Sansone stepped behind the cameras of Show-Me St. Louis once again. This time she shared the Recipe of the Month, Chunky Monkey. The segment is below to watch.

Excerpt from the show:

"She is the mother of 10 and made Oprah Winfrey's list of top 100 interviews. She also runs her own business Greek Girl Beauty. Kathryn Sansone is here to share a few of her secrets."

Kathryn Sansone and GreekGirl Beauty Featured on Show Me St. Louis

At the end of March, Kathryn was featured on KSDK's Show Me St. Louis segment with Dana Dean. They discussed her life as a mother of 10 and the creation of GreekGirl Beauty. The full video segment is available to watch below.

Excerpt from the published article:

If you need a little motivation this morning, then you need to see how a local mother of 10 kids manages to stay in shape, eat healthy, and run her own business. dana dean got to meet her and is sharing a couple of her secrets.

Read the full article here

Kathryn Sansone in GazellSTL's Top 50 Women in St. Louis

In recognition of March as Women’s History Month Gazelle STL curated a diverse list of extraordinary women who show tremendous courage in their daily lives to overcome adversity and make their mark. 

Read the full list here

Gazelle's except for Kathryn: 


Author/Fitness Expert/Creator of GreekGirl Beauty Protein

Kathryn Demas Sansone is a fit, active mother of 10, established author

and a positively motivating force for women to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Best known for being celebrated by Oprah Winfrey as an “unforgettable

mom,” Sansone has changed women’s lives by helping them create

healthier, balanced lifestyles. Her latest endeavor is GreekGirl Beauty

Protein, a post-workout all-natural Greek yogurt and protein powder.

Sneaky-Fast Ways to Add Protein to Your Diet featured Greek Girl Beauty Protein in their recent article about great ways to "sneak" more protein into your diet. 

From The Spafinder Wellness Blog:

Kathryn Sansone, author, fitness expert and creator of GreekGirl Beauty Protein, the first whey and Greek protein, vitamin and mineral supplement specifically designed for women, recommends slipping more healthy protein into meals and keeping protein snacks handy.  Sansone adds cottage cheese to scrambled eggs (that’s a tasty 27 grams of protein), always keeps a basket of paper bags filled with a variety of nuts on the counter, and always, always adds protein to salads, such as nuts, seeds, beans, lentils, chicken or tuna (a whopping 40 grams per can).

Read the entire article here

Mom of 10 promotes fitness and beauty in one scoop a day

From our friends at the St. Louis Post Dispatch:

Kathryn tells her story on why she created GreekGirl Beauty Protein. When your read this you'll discover how simple it is to feel and look better, and why there was a void in the market for women everywhere in this category.

Read the article here:

An excerpt:

Everyone’s busy • Sansone downplayed the 10 kids when she talked about being busy. “I mean, everyone’s busy,” she said, noting that even people with no children can have hectic, time-depleting schedules. “That’s why I wanted to create an all-in-one formula for people to take in the morning or whenever they have time … not five or six different things … one.” And now you’ve got all the serious nutritional elements you need for the day in 50 calories.

Town & Style Magazine Features Our Founder

What's Your Routine?

Town & Style talks fitness with one of the area's leading experts.

Check out the article Here: 

Sansone says the all-natural powder, available on Amazon and at all Supplement Superstores in Missouri and Illinois, also works to enhance a woman’s skin, hair and nails through its nutrients and vitamins. “It’s a holistic approach to what a woman needs to be healthy from the inside out,” she says. “There’s a reason pregnant women glow and look amazing—they get what they need through prenatal vitamins!”


GreekGirl Beauty Protein featured on Dawn's Corner!

Dawn's Corner has been the go-to product page in regional magazines throughout Southern California for the past 10 years, and GreekGirl Beauty Protein is one of her featured products!.

As a Beauty & Lifestyle Expert, Dawn has featured over 400 products on TV and in magazines over the years. From, "What is Best for Your Pet" to "What the Celebrities are Receiving at the Oscars/Emmys," and everything in between (travel, beauty, fashion, food, fitness, baby and tech! ). We're excited Dawn think GreekGirl Beauty Protein is a must have for health & beauty.

Visit her site here.

GreekGirl Creator Kathryn Sansone featured in the St. Louis Business Journal

How mom of 10 Kathryn Sansone launched her own protein supplement

They quote her inspiration for making the product and talk about her future plans for GreekGirl Beauty Protein in this article.

“As a weight trainer and a protein taker myself, I’d noticed that women don’t get enough protein as they age, but they think taking protein is going to bulk them up,” said Sansone, who noted that her heritage is “100 percent Greek.”

“I wanted to create a protein product that also enhances your skin, hair and nails,” she said.

GreekGirl Beauty Creator Kathryn Sansone in Fitness Magazine

Kathryn was recently quoted in Fitness Magazine talking about the importance of muscle and how it can help maintain your weight. From the article:

Functionally, muscles protect your bones, organs, and tissues—and even help you heal quickly. Kathryn Sansone, a certified fitness trainer and the founder of GreekGirl Beauty Protein, adds that muscles can also be important to maintain your weight. "Muscle requires more energy and therefore burns more calories than fat," she says. "The more muscle mass you have, the faster your metabolism is." More muscle means burning more at rest, plus being able to work harder during your workouts. Double-win.

Read more about the importance of gaining muscle to your lifestyle here:


Staying Motivated With Your Friends in the New Year

We’ve all heard it…we’ve all said it, “New Year, New Me!” …But after a few weeks of healthful eating and hitting the treadmill, it can be hard to keep the momentum going when life happens. 

New Year’s Resolutions are a great way to set goals for our health… but it’s hard to keep up with lofty goals alone. Organizing a group of friends to encourage one another throughout the year is a great way to stay on track! Here are a few ideas to keep you and your friends feelin’ the burn this year – and focusing on fun, too!

  1. Organize a weekly workout. Whether you love to spin, hike, or swim laps, having a set date every week that you can count on is a way to keep exercising as a regular part of your schedule. Check with your local fitness center or Y for a calendar of classes you and your girls will love! Bonus: this is a built in time for some fun with your friends!
  2. Start a group chat, hangout, or text message. Decide what would be the best way to stay in touch with your friends throughout the week. If the constant clatter of notifications on your phone may be bothersome, look into creating a private group on social media to act as an online journal! 
  3. Try new recipes together! Pick a healthy cookbook and tackle each recipe together. Divide out your favorites and decide which are for keeps and which just won’t work. Swapping stories (and leftovers!) is a fun way to inspire one another to eat right. 
  4. Set a Date. Choose a date during the middle and end of the year to celebrate your accomplishments. Dividing your goals into smaller segments also helps them feel more attainable.
  5. Reward each other! Encouragement from friends is an excellent motivator. Know a friend who has been hitting the gym a little extra this month? Take note and surprise her with a gift certificate for a massage, or something small like a bottle of her favorite nail polish in a new shade! 

Everything’s better with a friend. Enjoy hitting your goals together by encouraging one another to keep moving forward! What are some tips you and your friends share to inspire one another? We’d love to hear them!

3 Chilly Weather Workout Ideas

As the chilly weather turns to downright frigid, many of us are left staring at our sneakers wondering what we can do to get out and stretch our legs. Fear not, fitness friends! There are plenty of ways to stay active this winter. Here are three of our favorites:

1. Visit the indoor community pool. If you’re lucky enough to live in a community with an indoor pool (think YMCA or your local fitness center) now’s the perfect time to take advantage and sign up for a visit! Many community pools offer fitness classes, but if you’re not into the whole group class idea, swim laps! One of the great things about swimming as exercise is that you don’t need a ton of specialized gear. Grab a swimsuit that’s designed for a range of movement and a pair of goggles and you’re set! Additionally, consider investing in a rubber cap to protect your hair from potential damage. (There’s nothing worse than untangling a chlorinated head of hair after the pool, right?) 

2. Try a new class! Pick something new from the menu and give it a spin! Spin class, kickboxing, and yoga are all available as indoor class options at many of your favorite gyms. Enjoy the exercise you’d get on a cycling trip in the warmth of a fitness studio. Bonus: there’s almost always a great playlist to accompany your classes! 

3. Check out your favorite fitness video / vlog. If it’s a little too cold outside, and your living space can accommodate, try a fitness video! There’s a wide range of videos available online for free that walk you through a workout for as long or short as you’d like. There’s nothing like the convenience of getting your workout in, in your living room! 

Sprucing up after the holidays


The stockings have gone from being hung by the chimney with care to being flung to each corner of the living room. Remnants of your favorite holiday dishes still remain in the refrigerator, and the last of the of the guest room bedding is still in the hamper in the laundry room. We’re all in the same boat – post-holiday aftermath. 

It’s time to clear your mind and home of the holiday clutter and look forward to a happy New Year! Here’s a great place to start as you look to get back on track:

The Refrigerator

Rid the refrigerator of all holiday leftovers. Of course, do not let anything delicious or nutritious go to waste – but it’s time to start fresh and make room for healthful groceries. Consider creating meals for the next few nights with leftovers to ensure you’re using up what’s left of the celebration. (Think shredded turkey over a salad, or ham and bean soup!) Check expiration dates and remove anything that’s expired today! Once you’ve cleaned out the expired extras, give the interior and exterior of your ice box a wipe down with your favorite household cleaner.  

The Laundry Room

Have you been housing guests for the holidays? It’s time to wash the linens and organize your laundry room. Now’s the perfect time to give your coat closet a once-over, too! Launder or dry-clean any of your winter coats to prepare them for the cool temps to come. 

The Living Room

The hub of the household. Pack the seasonal décor away, and dust accordingly before returning your year-round items to where they belong. Freshening up the living room before tackling any household chore gives you a place to rest and relax between other projects…and after the holidays, we all need a little relaxation!

What’s on your to-do list in the New Year? We’d love to hear! Let us know in the comments how you plan to take on the task of organizing your household after the holidays.